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A great way to add a unique to any outfit – socks with style and quality from various materials in all sizes – for all genders. Read more…

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For kids choose the socks from natural materials and knitting technology with the flat or invisible toe seam for maximum comfort. Read more…

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We will make sure your special orders will come as you expected, either it’s special wool or a special knitting technique to be used.


One of the keystones in our company is trying to be as innovative as possible for our customers. We want to be considered as an active partner – not just a socks producer but a trustworthy partner with whom you can develop your range of socks. We work with many different yarns and yarn blends.



Mercerized cotton

Mercerized cotton is a natural fiber and biodegradable. It is shinier and stronger than regular cotton after the mercerizing process. It has a more beautiful, silk-like luster. 

Combed Cotton
Combed cotton is a softer version of regular cotton. People across genders, age groups and geographical locations are preferring to buy items made from Combed Cotton instead of regular cotton.
Bamboo viscose

It is an eco-friendly fiber, made out of natural bamboo as the raw material. Bamboo socks are soft and lightweight, absorb moisture, dry quickly, and are breathable.

Linen socks have the natural ability to wick away moisture and keep your feet cool in any season. Linen socks softer with each wash, making them the perfect fabric for a comfortable, long-wearing.

Cold season

Merino wool
Our most popular socks. The unique qualities of merino wool make it ideal for both leisure, fashion, and work socks in any environment.
Angora wool
Incredibly soft and comfortable angora socks will make your feet feel what they deserve. They will be your best friends during the cold winter evenings! We offer only non-mulesing angora wool.
Pleasant to wear due to finest cotton inside and wool outside maintaining a comfortable temperature.
Acrylic is a synthetic fiber and is usually priced lower than natural fibers. The greatest advantage that acrylic material provides is its lightness, softness, and warmth, but not as warm as wool.


A noble and remarkable material, Silk has thermoregulatory properties: it keeps warm in winter and lets your feet breathe in summer.
Only the best cotton in the world is selected, certified and collected to be specially processed to create the original FILOSCOZIA® yarn. Filoscozia is 100% natural fiber, resistant, bright, and low-pilling.
We chose to use MicroModal for our eco-friendly socks because it feels luxurious and soft to touch and does not harm the planet. It holds color better, fades less than cotton.
Blended yarn of cashmere and cotton. These socks have a super-luxe feel with natural comfort. When you're building everyday looks, a little touch of luxury goes a long way.
70% fine merino wool and 30% silk makes a perfect fiber blend for extra sensitive skins. This is our favorite all-year-round wool fiber blend. The silk adds an extra soothing and cooling property that makes it perfect for both hot and cold weather.


The THERMOCOOL® technology provides year-round thermoregulation and comfort. The yarns contain a unique hybrid fiber mix that allows garments to smartly adapt to the needs of the wearer.
Silver socks have a lot of benefits: natural removal of foot odors; natural antibacterial properties; reduction of skin irritations; promotes healthy skin and excellent comfort
Core-Spun yarns are made by twisting cotton fibers (98%) around an inner Elastane fiber (2%), creating one yarn. The skin doesn't have contact with synthetic, because it is hidden inside cotton. Socks, made from Corespun, are non-restrictive while staying in place all day.
By having a sophisticated sheen, it is widely used in fashion socks but is also seen in casual socks. A touch of elegance!


Merino wool
Merino wool is 100% sustainable, renewable and biodegradable. The Merino wool we use is Oeko-Tex® certified.
We believe that MicroModal is the material behind long-lasting, sustainable socks and is a significant step towards slowing down fast fashion.
Bamboo viscose
As far as renewable, sustainable resources go, bamboo is an industry favorite. Bamboo socks keep your feet dry and comfortable all day long, they help to keep your feet healthy and free of bacteria.

Your best partner within the EU zone for socks production. We can provide socks that you wish for!





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We start with the finest, high-performance yarns. We combine these with sock constructions and designs that optimize the fit and function of the socks. Your socks will be produced on the most modern equipment in the world.

Socks cuff

Comfort cuff

Comfortable cuff and non-constricting to legs. Enough to stay up but not so much that it digs in or leaves uncomfortable marks.

Pressure free
The socks cuff has no elastic and leaves no pressure marks on your leg. Anyway, socks stay on the leg all day.
Extended cuffs for wrinkle-free fit on the leg. The best for dress socks or knee socks.

Socks body

Plain knitting

Plain knitting is the most basic of all knitting constructions. Properties of Plain Knitting: elastic, many different colors available, Different weights can be achieved depending on the yarn.

Rib knitting
Composed of vertical 'wales' of varying width ribbed is a traditional sock construction method, popular not only because it has a visual and tactile appeal, but because it gives a sock needed natural elasticity.
In a simple explanation, it is the process of combining 2 colors together by knitting one color either to the front or to the back of the fabric so as to create a visual pattern. Compared to plain knitting, Jacquard has no cut yarn ends inside how it is on socks with patterns on plain knitting.
Terry knitted fabric is characterized by soft touch, thick texture, excellent water absorption, and heat retention.
Mesh knitting
Mesh fabrics are materials comprised of evenly spaced openings that create a breathable effect in socks.
Arch support
An arch support is an added band of spandex that is knit into the sock in the arch area of the foot. An arch support serves two functions: providing support to the arch area of the foot and reducing slipping of the sock on the foot.

Heel& toe

Flat toe
There is probably no greater item that can cause discomfort in a sock than a bulky toe seam. We use specially developed flat toe seams in all of our socks to ensure that you don’t even notice they are there.
Linked toe
Socks with linked toes are basically seamless. Normally the linked toe is commonly used for baby socks, premium men and women socks.
Comfort toe
New technology, which has worked well for our customers. Sewing the toe zone moved down so that the consumer does not feel the seam and does not see it.
A Y-heel is a feature introduced in the knitting of the sock that creates a slightly deeper heel pocket making the sock shape more anatomically correct. Y-heels serve to contour the heel of the sock more exactly to the foot and help reduce the incidence of the sock slippage into the shoe.
The reinforced areas strengthen the sock and make it last longer. It protects the sole of the foot, the heel, and toes or other parts from abrasion and blisters.

Our goal – is to produce socks that conform to standards of quality, are functional and have a great look & feel.

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